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Water’s Edge Wedding - Christy & John's Mabel Lake Wedding

The Water’s Edge at Mabel Lake is a truly special property. The main house is majestic above the water with a disco ball you can see clear across the lake. Small cabins are scattered around the acreage with enough beds to accommodate a party so no one needs to brave the one hour drive on dirt roads back to Vernon in the dark. Christy and John were married here, witnessed by their parents, Christy’s children and a few close friends.

Being at the Water’s Edge is reminiscent of being at a backcountry lodge. The usual professional boundaries are quickly removed as you share personal space with a small group of people. I watched both sets of parents get to know each other and was welcomed into the meals and conversations before the wedding.

Having a captive audience for a meal is a luxury. When the agenda for the evening is simply to eat great food and share wine and conversation, you can take your time and let the courses roll out naturally. Iceberg wedge was followed by Sablefish followed by NY stripling. The meal concluded with chocolate lava cake by candlelight.

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