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Beautiful Wedding Perched Above Slocan Lake

Rosebery is not on the way to anywhere, but what a beautiful place it is. The property where Robert and Anabeli were married is perched above Slocan Lake with views up and down the valley. It was from here that we watched the storm blow in. Tables, set outside, had to be dragged under shelter from the rain. Tents had to be taken down before they were carried away by the wind. The bride and groom, with fifty friends and family, waited out the storm and were rewarded with sunshine after the rain. Mother of the groom had arranged for a piper to play after the ceremony and the mist rising from the ground couldn’t have been planned any better.

During family photos we served meat and cheese boards with fruits and vegetables. The property had a beautiful garden plentiful with edible flowers to garnish every plate. A salad course started the dinner when guests were seated and the entree of braised beef, Ling Cod and green beans was served family style on the long tables. The wedding cake had been made locally of gluten free, dairy free black forest cake layers. It was beautiful and so delicious. The party moved into the house for speeches before assembling around the campfire to share stories and laughter.

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