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Food & Me


Raised by parents who valued food enough to leave the city to have enough land to garden, Alicia’s passion for food came from honest roots. The road to a career in food was not without diversions but all paths led back to it.

From 2009 to 2015, Alicia was the managing partner of the award winning, locally sourced restaurant in the Fraser Valley, Restaurant 62. She obtained her Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WSET) advanced level certification in 2010 through A Fine Vintage in Vancouver. WSET is an internationally recognised education organization for wine, sake and spirits. With the guidance of her business partner, Jeff Massey, her cooking skills developed.

In 2015 Alicia moved into a quieter life in the Kootenays. She now shares her time with her new home in Kimberley and the backcountry ski lodges where she cooks in the winter. Gathering Company has brought together Alicia’s passion for food, wine and making gatherings special. She brings a background in event coordination, food preparation and customer service unparalleled in the area.


Catering & Events


If you can celebrate it, we would love to be part of it. Gathering provides a personalized experience for gatherings large and small. From drop-off to full service catering for social or corporate clients, wine education or pairings, rental procurement, and guidance for your event we take the time to understand what makes your event special. We believe that sharing food with people around you is a pillar in the foundation of community.   

“The table is a meeting place, a gathering ground, the source of sustenance and nourishment, festivity, safety, and satisfaction.” 

- Laurie Colwin -

The Gatherings


From hungry powder skiers deep in the mountains to lakeside brides and grooms to corporate launches, Gathering’s clients are as varied as the Kootenays. We are building a reputation in this area based on word-of-mouth and true connections to clients. Each of the gatherings we are part of is a privilege to witness and participate in. Travelling throughout the Kootenays and into the Okanagan, Kimberley is home but the office is wherever the celebration occurs.


Contact Me

TEL: 778-554-4409

Alicia Bodaly

Catering & Event Services

Kimberley, BC

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